A New ‘Dynasty Warriors’ Game Is Coming To Mobile From Perfect World

Perfect World is one of those up-and-coming companies that isn’t very well-known in the West yet. Based in China, they’re the publisher behind the upcoming Torchlight Mobile, action-RPG The Legend Of The Condor Heroes, and in partnership with Square Enix, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online. Well, you can add another famous brand feather to their cap, because the company has announced today that they will be releasing Dynasty Warriors Mobile, based on Koei Tecmo’s famous brand of beat-em-ups. The game will be playable at E3 2016.


If you’re looking forward to picking your favorite character and whomping on hundreds of fodder enemies as you race around the battlefield, however, you might want to cool your jets. Although I personally think the Warriors games could make a great transition to mobile as-is, Perfect World has a different plan for this title. It’s going to be a side-scrolling head-to-head fighting game, and if you’ve already guessed it’s going to be loaded with free-to-play mechanics out the wazoo, congratulations, you win the sad-faced kewpie doll. Anyway, they’re promising more than 50 different characters, single player and multiplayer modes, cavalry fights, and a mobile-optimized battle system that at least retains the Musou super attacks from the console versions.


I guess it’s kind of funny, because although it doesn’t sound much like the Musou games we know and love, it does have some superficial similarities to the first game that carried the Dynasty Warriors name in North America. That was also a fighting game featuring characters from the Three Kingdoms period of China. It’s not that fondly-remembered these days due to the rest of the series striking a better chord with players, but hey, it’s a link. It’s hard to say if that’s enough for the faithful Warriors fans out there, but it’s something, right? We’ll bring you more on Dynasty Warriors Mobile as we hear about it.