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‘Pokemon Go’ Gets New Screenshots and the US Market Joins in The “Field Test”

Aspiring Poke-masters who signed up for the US “Field Test" of Pokemon Go (The fancy name they’re calling something that’s in between a beta and a soft launch.) should be getting their invites to download the game. If you signed up, today is a good day to spend the whole afternoon endlessly refreshing your email for the invitation. We haven’t heard just how many people they’re letting in with this initial wave, but hopefully it includes some TouchArcade community members. (How could it not?) Aside from news of this latest invitation wave, Niantic is teased some new screenshots on their blog.

Battle-AR-2 Encounter0

The augmented reality stuff seems interesting, but I’ll be super curious to see whether or not it comes off as a gimmick or an actual useful part of gameplay. Games (and apps) that do anything cool with augmented reality seem to be few and far between. Either way, I’m sure Pokemon Go will be a massive hit, as it seems like all it takes for a Pokemon game to do well is “Pokemon" somewhere in the title. Stay tuned for more information on the game and congratulations to anyone who gets accepted to the US field test today.