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SNK’s ‘Neo Turf Masters’ Swinging to Mobile on June 30th.

Now here is something to write home about. I’m totally allowed to use this old saying because DotEmu, the makers of the recently released Titan Quest ($7.99), are bringing an oldie but goodie to iOS and Android, June 30th. Neo Turf Masters is not just another golf game, this is a classic Neo Geo title from 1996 published by SNK and behind the same guys who made Metal Slug. I have a sweet spot for anything SNK so I can’t wait. Neo Turf Masters is a fast paced action golf game, yes that exists. When it was initially released it got high praise for its clever but simple controls, they shouldn’t have any problem offering the same experience on mobile.

DotEmu announced the game through their Twitter account this morning with a little teaser; just listen to those sound effects.

We don’t know if it’s a direct port or if we will see some exclusive content but you can be sure we will keep you informed.