‘INKS.’ Dev State of Play Drops the Price of ‘Kami’ and ‘Lume’ to $0

State os Play is really out to please its customers at the moment; after updating the great pinball game, INKS ($1.99) , ridding it of its in-app additional world purchases, they are offering two great games, for free.

For a limited time you can download and keep Lume (Free), a sweet, hand crafted point and click adventure game taking on the role as Lume, in the search for your missing grandpa. It is the prequel to the highly acclaimed Lumino City and it’s free, so go get it.

Kami ($2.99) is their second gift to us, a relaxing puzzle game where you have to fold out colored paper in as few as moves possible in order to fill the screen. The game has an overwhelming rating on the app store, again, grab it, it won’t be free forever.

Whilst we are talking about State of Play and free stuff, just in case you missed it, back in December they released a nice little app taking you through The Making of Lumino City . One thing for sure is that they are passionate about their games.