Check out This Incredible ‘Clash of Clans’ Domino Setup Get Knocked Over

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Ever find yourself wondering just how much people love Clash of Clans (Free)? A better question is, have you ever thought about something that you like enough that you’d spend countless hours creating a remarkably elaborate domino setup, complete with detailed illustrations built out of those dominos, only to watch them all fall over? What about the incredible patience that comes of setting up thousands of dominos? The whole thing… Kind of breaks my brain:

If you don’t play Clash of Clans, the different pixel art converted to dominos are a wide selection of the different units in the game. Even if you’re not into Clash, there’s a level of patience and dedication here that everyone has to respect. Also, the person behind this video very obviously does not have a cat, something like this would last about five minutes at my house.

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