The Long-Awaited ‘Warhammer 40000: Regicide’ is Now Available on iOS

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There’s hardly a week that goes by where there isn’t at least one straggler new release, and this week that prize goes to none other than Warhammer 40000: Regicide ($0.99) which just hit the App Store a few moments ago. Originally announced just over two years ago, Warhammer 40000: Regicide takes the core idea of Chess but expands its boundaries and sets it in the Warhammer universe for a totally over-the-top version of the classic game. However, if you prefer a more traditional take, you’ll be happy to know that Regicide also includes a Classic mode that follows the original rules of Chess more closely.

Warhammer 40000: Regicide launched on Steam Early Access in May of last year before its well-recieved full launch in September. The iOS version of Regicide expands on the PC version with cross-platform multiplayer, a new asynchronous multiplayer mode, new board layouts, and more. Given its turn-based nature I think Warhammer 40000: Regicide will be a nice fit on mobile, and a great additional way for people who have been enjoying the desktop version for the past year to play while on the go. The forum thread for the game is just getting going but expect impressions to start rolling in soon, and if you’ve been anxiously waiting for Warhammer 40000: Regicide you can finally nab it for $3.99 with the link below.

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