‘MMA Federation’ Just Got a Big Update That Has Added Deck Management

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If you’ve been playing MMA Federation ($1.99), the turn-based MMA game, this latest update will definitely help you enjoy the game even more. In an attempt to reward committed players, the developers have added a Deck Management feature that they see as crucial to the game’s long term success. This new feature has been designed to allow players to customize their moves; that way, they can create unique combat styles for each of their fighters or simply to pick the most powerful moves and counters. Deck Management should also make the PvP modes even more strategic and more entertaining.

When I played MMA Federation back when it came out, I liked the idea of turning MMA into a turned-based game, but I found the actual gameplay a bit too luck-based for my taste. The ability to tune your deck to fit your playstyle might go a long way towards alleviating that issue. If you’ve been curious whether this game is worth your time, now might be the best time to check it out.

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