‘Britney Spears: American Dream’ is Finally Out Worldwide – Go Play it ‘Till the World Ends’

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Glu has been hunting for success with its celebrity games ever since Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made the publisher way too much money. Since then, though, Glu hasn’t been able to really replicate that success with games like Katy Perry Pop not performing that well. Today, it’s time for Britney Spears to, well, spearhead Glu’s effort to rediscover its winning ways, and I hope for the company’s sake that Britney Spears: American Dream (Free) helps it do it again. The timing of the release works for both Britney and Glu since the singer is way past her rough times and isn’t Toxic anymore. One would say that she is Stronger now and has been driving her fans pretty Crazy with her latest Vegas performances. I could go on plugging in her song titles into this story, but that would really turn this into a Circus.

In the game you, unfortunately, don’t play as Britney but, rather, a pop star who tries to be like Britney by making hit songs and climbing the charts. You get to perform in various venues – from the small ones to the famous ones – design your own single covers, and, of course, wear the latest and greatest in fashion. The most recent update added the ability to join and create your own Record Label where you can chat with other aspiring pop stars; in other words, Britney’s version of clans.

While many gamers like to look down at games like Britney Spears: American Dream, they definitely have an audience on the App Store, otherwise Glu wouldn’t be spending all that money on celebrities like Britney. So, now go channel your inner Britney.

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