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Makers of the Dark ‘Hopeless’ Series Are Going Sickeningly Sweet with New Game ‘Sugar Slide’ Coming Next Thursday

Upopa Games, makers of the arena survival game Hopeless: The Dark Cave (Free) and the side-scrolling on-rails style shooter Hopeless 2: Cave Escape (Free), have a new game hitting next week called Sugar Slide. While the Hopeless games are stylish and dark, featuring many crazy creatures and gruesome deaths, Sugar Slide is going in the exact opposite direction and features bright, cheery, colorful visuals and classic pipe-connecting puzzles reminiscent of Pipe Dream or even the Kiefer Bros’ excellent Aqueduct ($2.99). Check out the trailer.

I really enjoyed the Hopeless games and especially loved the art style and personality of the characters in those games, and it looks like all those elements will be present in Sugar Slide as well. For a pipe-connecting puzzler it sure seems to have a lot of personality, and I think it’s pretty amusing to see Upopa slide so far across the spectrum from their much darker Hopeless games. Don’t let the cuteness fool you though, as Upopa promises there’s a lot of hardcore challenge in the game’s 60 levels. Be sure to check out Sugar Slide later this week next week when we include it in our weekly new games roundup.