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‘Pokemon GO’ Field Test Opens Up in USA, Australia, and New Zealand

The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs’ upcoming Pokemon GO has undergone field tests in various countries so far, and it’s finally time for the US and a couple other countries to get involved in the field testing for the game. If you’re in the US, Australia, or New Zealand, you can sign up for the field test at the official Pokemon GO website, and you may be selected to help test this out. If you’re Canadian, sorry: you’ll just have to enjoy all those other soft launches you get. USA! Considering the game’s massive and geocentric nature, it’s not a surprise this one’s getting a limited test in the US as well as in other countries to make sure it works. A lot of people are excited about this one after all.

We’ll be interested to see how Pokemon GO turns out – the footage revealed at SXSW didn’t really excite a lot of people, but this might be one of those games that plays better than it looks. If you can, jump in on the beta and get after it!