‘Harmony 3’ and Other BorderLeap Games Get Big Updates in May

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BorderLeap is keeping very busy this month, with several of their games set to get updates. BorderLeap’s latest entry in their most popular franchise, Harmony 3 ($2.99), just got a big update that adds in 30 new levels as part of the Encore path. These levels are particularly tricky as they feature stylish 7-color pallettes to play with. While you try to conquer these new levels, there’s new music from series musician Hammock’s new album “Everything and Nothing" to solve the puzzles to. As well, iCloud sync is now available, so you can carry your progress across different devices.

Along with the Harmony 3 update, Drop Flip (Free) got an update recently that adds in 20 new levels in the game’s first content update. Anti-gravity obstacles, a rocket launch, and a beach scene are part of the new things here. And finally, Blendamaze ($0.99) will get 36 “Challenge Series" levels and a new custom soundtrack later this month, with the update set to hit on May 26th. So, if you’re a fan of BorderLeap’s games, or just like seeing titles get regular updates, check these out.

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