‘Hungry Shark World’ Tops 10 Million Downloads in Less than a Week

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It’s been only a week since Ubisoft finally released the forever soft-launched Hungry Shark World (Free) in the App Store, and already the game is dipping into the double digits in terms of millions of downloads. During Ubisoft’s year-end earnings release today, the company announced that the latest in their series of eat everything survival games had eclipsed the 10 million downloads mark in just 6 days. That’s not surprising to hear, as Hungry Shark World shot to the top of the Free Charts in a matter of hours following its release and the series as a whole has always had a ton of mainstream appeal.

Personally, I’ve always loved the Hungry Shark series, ever since its humble beginnings on iOS more than 6 years ago. It’s come a long way since, steadily improving with each new game in terms of visuals, features, and scope. After Ubisoft purchased original developer Future Games of London back in 2013, the creators could finally put some serious monetary muscle behind the series, as evident by Hungry Shark World and its insanely high production values.

There are some free to play shenanigans to contend with in this latest title, and previous titles for that matter, but it remains an incredibly fun game to bust out at a moment’s notice to chow down on some helpless swimmers. I literally spent years playing the previous Hungry Shark games, and I don’t foresee this one being any different. So, if you’re not part of that 10+ million who have already downloaded Hungry Shark World, give it a shot, and check in on the forum thread to see what everyone else has to say about this one.

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