‘Bejeweled Stars’, aka ‘Bejeweled Skies’, Exits Soft-Launch and is Now Available

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It was just over a week ago we were telling you about the soft-launch of EA’s latest take on the grandfather of matching games Bejeweled, called Bejeweled Skies at one point but officially changed to Bejeweled Stars at some point during the soft-launch. Well, apparently the testing period is over and went well as Bejeweled Stars (Free) is now available in the US App Store. Check out this wacky trailer for Bejeweled Stars that easily could have been made by Mike Meade himself.

While the match-3 genre is totally blown out, and you may be wondering what a new one could possibly offer you that countless others haven’t already, I’ve personally always been really partial to the Bejeweled franchise. The coolest part about Bejeweled Stars is the ability to make your own power-ups which is a really neat idea. If you’re in the market for some matching, check out Bejeweled Stars for free and stop by the forum thread to leave your impressions.

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