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‘Slayaway Camp’ is a Voxel-y Puzzle Game Inspired by 80’s Horror

Blue Wizard Digital has announced their debut title Slayaway Camp, a game with a familiar look but an interesting concept. Off the top, it looks like another “Just make Crossy Road (Free), JEEZ" game with the voxel graphics, but that’s not the case. This is a puzzle game with an 80’s horror movie theme. You play as the killer, trying to torment those hapless teens who happened to go to a camp on the burial ground of the S’lay’a Way tribe in western Cubetonia. You, the skull-faced killer, will try to kill all the campers in a level by luring them into one of many traps, or just trying to slice them to bits, while avoiding the cops. Because the cops will arrest supernatural killers, don’t think they won’t.

Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp is set to hit mobile this summer, but the team at Blue Wizard – which includes Ido Yeheli, developer of Cardinal Quest ($3.99) – needs beta testers. If you’re interested in testing this out, you can sign up on the game’s website. And watch your back.