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Foursaken Media Soft Launches ‘Adventure Company’ Just Days After Releasing ‘War Tortoise’

Foursaken Media is blasting through 2016 at an epic pace. We’re not even a third of the way through the year and they’ve already released All is Lost (Free) and War Tortoise (Free). Heck, War Tortoise has barely been out for 48 hours as of publication and already Foursaken is getting game number three this year ready. Their action-RPG Adventure Company, which we’ve written about before, has just soft launched in several countries. Yes, two days after War Tortoise‘s launch. Heck, even if they waited a week that would be a pretty quick pace, but if it’s ready, it’s ready, right?

Adventure Company Foursaken

Well, I guess this isn’t technically ‘ready’ yet, but if you’re in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, or the Netherlands – or can fake it well enough – you can try out this game ahead of release. And if you want to provide feedback to Foursaken, which they could use, there’s a forum thread they’re participating in where you can tell them your thoughts on the game so far.

New Zealand iTunes Link: Adventure Company