‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ Biggest Update Yet Brings Guilds, Raids, and Han Solo

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If you’ve been playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Free), you’re going to be quite happy with the latest update. The character-collecting and character-battling F2P game was received quite positively (it does take a lot for Star Wars fans to dislike a Star Wars game), and this latest update aims to help all those players form Guilds in order to – possibly – save the galaxy more easily. Guilds are unlocked when players reach level 22, and there’s a system in place to let you search for a friend, explore recommended Guilds, or create your own. In addition, new chat functionality lets players strategize with their Guild mates in real time, ensuring that you can blame your friends for not following your perfect strategy. The game will offer ongoing challenges for Guilds and offer both competitive and cooperative opportunities. And, of course, you can customize your logo.

The update also adds Raids, with the first one letting players go deeper into The Pit. This will be the first of multi-tier Raids that should grow over time. Raids also have leaderboards to help you compare yourself with all the other players in the Cantina. And, finally, the update lets you earn new characters, with Han Solo being by far the most important of them all. Since Han shoots first, he gets a free attack at the beginning of the battle (which is a smart way of incorporating the whole debate into the gameplay). The update’s live, and you can check out all its details here. And if you need help making it through without paying money, we have a guide just for that.

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