Join the First ‘Clash Royale’ ESL Gaming Community Cup, Starting Tomorrow

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After watching the first official Clash Royale (Free) tournament a couple of weeks ago, it became pretty clear to me that the game is a great spectator esport (despite its balance issues and obsession with showing the game in portrait mode). On Sunday, April 24th, we are getting another tournament, the CR 1on1 Community Cup #1 Global organized by ESL Gaming, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun one. In this tournament you get in touch with your opponent, join together in one of the ESLPlay clans still open, send a Friendly Battle request, and then play and report the results. The whole setup is pretty simple, but of course plenty can (and probably will) go wrong as is the case with any game still making baby steps into becoming a competitive sport.

The matches will be best of 3 and the match time 3 minutes. The caps are as follows: King level 8, Common card level 8, Rare card level 6, Epic card level 3, and Legendary card 1. There are, of course, many other rules that you can check out in detail here and also a list of the official Clans so you don’t end up in the wrong clan. The tournament starts April, 24th 18:00 EEST with check in time half an hour later, at 17:30 EEST. If you decide to join, good luck!

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