Watch the Highlights from the First Official ‘Clash Royale’ Tournament

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Supercell ran their first Clash Royale (Free) tournament on April 16th, and if you missed the live, almost 4-hour broadcast, then Supercell’s got you covered with a highlight recap of the debut Helsinki Tournament 2016. Their video focuses a lot on the festivities and setup that they’ve got – fans with confetti shooters, physical versions of the emotes, and irrationally exuberant announcers. Check it out:

The best parts are that the players were playing on giant, throne-like chairs. Then the guy who won – not knowing that there was a cash prize – got a crown just like the king in the game. Glorious. Compared to a lot of more established eSports events, this does feel a lot more like it’s in the early stages, what with there not being any ridiculous eSports team names and jerseys yet. But those are sure to come someday, and it looked like a decent crowd in attendance for an upstart event. The use of chest-strapped cameras to get a view of the palyer’s screen was interesting too. This might turn out to be the first of many events for this game, and I’m curious to see how the competitive scene for this game evolves and expands.

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