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Command an Army of Dinosaurs Against Cavemen in ‘Dino Bash’

Tilting Point and Pokoko Studio are bringing their game of caveman and dinosaur strategy worldwide to the App Store next week on April 28th. Dino Bash will have you commanding an army of dinosaurs, trying to fight off those dastardly humans by strategically deploying your dino troops, and using manually-fired projectile weapons to protect your egg. It’s castle defense, but dinosaurs can’t build castles – the tyrannosaurus rex’s short stubby arms are more there for show – but they got something to protect.

This one has been soft launched for a bit now, and you can actually check it out right now in Canada if you can’t wait for the launch version next week, or don’t feel like registering a Canadian iTunes account. Otherwise, keep an eye on the forum thread for people chatting about this one already. And remember, ’tis better to die by a giant asteroid causing you to go extinct than to die by the hands of those fleshy meatbag humans.