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Square Enix’s “Project: Rising” Turns out to Be the Free to Play Social RPG ‘Samurai Rising’

Last week we posted a vague Square Enix teaser for something called Project: Rising, with promises that we’d hear more about the game on the 19th. Well, turns out I was the only one to accurately guess that the reveal today was… just going to be another trailer. (I’ve played this whole Squeenix teaser thing a time or two before.) Anyway, Project: Rising is actually apparently the code name for the upcoming Square Enix free to play RPG Samurai Rising. Check it out:

Pertinent details from the trailer, per our resident Japanese speaker Shaun Musgrave, include the fact that it’s another free to play social action RPG from the same artist responsible for Bravely Default. The game centralizes around four player coop, with players taking the role of various familiar Final Fantasy-ish classes. Specifically mentioned in the video are the Dragoon, White Mage, and Black Mage, so it seems reasonable to assume other popular FF jobs will make an appearance. Additionally, a Malboro is seen in the trailer, so expect a bunch of other popular FF enemies to return.

There’s a pre-registration page up, like most of these freemium games, and there’s mention of some kind of crystal bonus for tweeting about the game. We can’t find any mention of any US release, so it’s possible this might be Japan-only at first, judging by how Square has done stuff in the past.