Monster Collection RPG ‘Monster Raid’ Finally Launches Worldwide

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A few years ago when I spoke at the Korea Games Conference, I saw a whole ton of awesome games in development and one of those was Monster Raid (Free) by Orca. While the genre is getting a little crowded these days, Monster Raid is another free to play game focused around the idea of collecting a ton of monsters, leveling them up, and using them to clear dungeons and do other assorted things that all involve monster on monster battles. It scratches a lot of itches that players looking for a Pokemon game (without a proper one on the App Store) might have.

Take a look at the trailer:

What I like about Monster Raid is how over the top battles can feel with camera zooms, particle effects, huge numbers popping up, and other positive feedback that makes it all look way more energetic than how these games typically work. These kind of collection games feature ridiculous amounts of depth typically, so while I’ve got no idea (yet, anyway) what end-game content looks like in Monster Raid, the first hour or so is really enjoyable.

We’ve got a thread cookin’ in our forums for the game, with the developers active in it. It’s neat seeing this finally released worldwide, as “I wonder whatever happened to that cool monster game I saw in Korea" randomly has popped into my mind over the years.

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