The Long-Awaited ‘Warbits’ Has Finally Hit The App Store

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As mentioned by Eli and Jared, this week has felt a little odd for new releases. Vague hints of something that smaller releases might want to get out of the way of. Is this it? Perhaps. Whatever else may or may not come, Warbits ($4.99) certainly adds some meat to the bones of this week’s new releases. If turn-based strategy games like Nintendo’s Advance Wars are your jam, you’ll probably want to start hitting that link until fun things happen.

Warbits features a 20-mission campaign that stretches across 5 different environment types. Once you’ve had your fun with that, feel free to explore its extensive multiplayer options, which include both local and online asynchronous play and 40 different maps. Don’t have any friends who want to play with you? Well, that’s awful, and I hope you’ll remember that on their birthdays, but never fear, because you can also enjoy those multiplayer maps against AI opponents. Ah, AI. You’ll never forget to call me back.

Best of all, the game is IAP-free and on sale for a limited period of time. A mere $2.99 gets you all of the good stuff if you grab it during the launch window. Did I mention the power-ups? And the light-hearted sense of humor? Well, I guess I have now. We’ll have a full review after we spend more time with the game, but I can at least say from the little time I’ve spent with the pre-release version that Warbits is definitely a fun game. Do what you must, friends.

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