Sailor Moon has Hit the US App Store in ‘SailorMoon Drops’

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While not as popular as in the 90s, Sailor Moon still has a fan base, at least judging from cosplayers and Sailor Moon merchandise. If you do enjoy Sailor Moon and her quirky sidekicks, you’ll be glad to know that after a few months in Japan, SailorMoon Drops (Free) has come to the US App Store. As for the gameplay, I’ll give you exactly one guess to figure out how this game plays. Yes, a match-3 indeed. All of the characters have been transformed into cute versions of themselves, and the game does contain a storyline that you’ll play through as you solve those match-3 puzzles. The game includes many familiar characters (both friends and enemies), and is definitely very cute to look at.

As you clear stages, you level up your characters and unlock special moves (and also cute poses), and even gather various collection pieces to unlock wallpapers. You can play with or against your friends, and you can play either in portrait or landscape, a small thing for some but kind of important for me because I don’t always like the portrait mode, especially on my iPad. The game is out now in the US, and is, of course, F2P, so if you like Sailor Moon, go pick it up. It does have great reviews on the App Store, so it might be worth a try even if you aren’t the biggest Sailor Moon fan but simply like match-3 games.

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