‘You Must Build a Boat’ is This Week’s UK Starbucks Freebie

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I find it to be sort of hard to believe that very many people reading TouchArcade don’t already have Luca Redwood’s fabulous You Must Build a Boat ($2.99), but if you don’t, and you live in the UK, and you frequent Starbucks, you can score a free copy of the game by picking up one of the Starbucks pick of the week free app cards and redeeming the promo code on the back. You better hurry, as it seems like (at least in the US) jerks will grab entire stacks of those cards when it’s something good.

Here’s the trailer:

We loved the game in our review, so even if you’re not in the UK and have to (gasp) spend money on the game to get it instead, it’s still totally worth it. You Must Build a Boat and it’s predecessor 10000000 ($2.99) are two of my favorite puzzle games on the App Store. You can’t go wrong with either, but, you might as well snag the more recent You Must Build a Boat if you’re looking to get involved in the series.

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