‘Faily Brakes’ Adds New Playable Character Anita Brakes and Coin Doubler Car in New Update

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When Faily Brakes (Free) first launched a couple of months ago, I remember thinking to myself “Great, ANOTHER Verby Noun endless arcade game, BIG WHOOP!" Then I finally got around to playing it and was completely taken by surprise with just how darn fun it was. I guess you can’t always judge a game by its overdone naming convention. Anyway, Faily Brakes has become one of my go-to games since, and today it received a nice update adding a new female playable character amusingly named Anita Brakes, a coin doubler vehicle, 15 other brand new vehicles, and more.

The coin doubler vehicle is called “The Monty" and will set you back $2.99, but it will (obviously) double all the coins you collect and comes with an additional bonus of 1000 coins for your bank. Also, once purchased it will double your coins no matter which vehicle you’re using, so you’re not stuck driving The Monty just to earn some extra scratch. There are 15 additional new vehicles too, and these new ones follow the game’s typical formula of subtly naming them after famous people.


In addition to Anita and the new vehicles, there’s also a new power-up that will temporarily slow down time, making it much easier to steer clear of trees and bridges and cars and whatnot. Now that Faily Brakes has filled out nicely in terms of vehicles and even two playable characters, I’d really like to see some new environments to rampage around in. It can definitely get a bit dull just mashing around the same forest scenery, so hopefully new environments are something that’s in the upgrade plan. Regardless, Faily Brakes is a ton of silly fun, so if you haven’t checked it out previously now is as good a time as any.

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