The Tactical Runner ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run’, Based on the AMC Show, is Out Now

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A couple of days ago we wrote about the imminent reveal of a game based on the Fear the Walking Dead series. We were wondering which way the game would go, since there are numerous iterations of zombie games on the App Store. Well, the game dropped on the App Store, and as you can tell from the title Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run (Free), the game is an endless runner. The game takes place in various familiar locations of a Los Angeles on the verge of – and possibly already beyond – collapse and has you running for your life all the while avoiding (or dispatching) the undead. You have a variety of weapons, but using them too much slows you down, using them too little gets you bit.

You can play as any of your favorite character from the show (though not many of the show’s characters have really shone through yet) and can use over 40 weapons. And you can actually run past the undead versions of your friends who didn’t make it as far as you have, which sounds like fun. Though some might complain about turning the show into a runner, this is one of those shows that’s actually appropriate for the genre; don’t forget that most of the time, the characters in the show run for their lives. The art style is Limbo-ish, which adds to the mood of the game. Overall, from the little I’ve played it, I think you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy runners and/or the show.

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