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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Mobile Game to be Revealed Soon

Sources have revealed to us AMC is partnering up with publisher Versus Evil (publisher of The Banner Saga ($9.99) and several other games) to release a game based on Fear the Walking Dead, whose second season starts on Sunday. Versus Evil confirmed the game’s existence, but had no details beyond that it will be a mobile game, and that it will be premiering during The Talking Dead post-show at 10pm EDT on Sunday after the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead at 9pm EDT. So, keep an eye out around then for some more details on this game and just what it will be.

I’m curious to see just how this game turns out, as there’s an interesting latitude that a game like this has since the new series is a prequel to the original Walking Dead series. So, we’ll be sure to have more details on this one as they get revealed.