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Get to It! ‘Choplifter’-inspired ‘Choppa’ Launching Next Week, New Trailer Released

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In early February we caught the first teaser for Choppa, an upcoming Choplifter-inspired side-scrolling rescue game from developer Parta Games. Choppa took the formula of rescuing people and delivering them to safety using a helicopter popularized by Choplifter and added in procedurally-generated levels, customizable choppers, and a hefty dose of wacky physics. It looked really awesome. Then about a month ago, Parta soft-launched Choppa in select regions and has been getting great feedback from early players in our forums ever since. Now they feel like Choppa’s been in the oven long enough, and are officially launching the game next Thursday, April 21st. Here’s a brand new launch trailer.

The classic Choplifter is one of my favorite games I played as a kid, I absolutely loved flying around and collecting those little people and delivering them to safety. I also have grown to love wacky physics-based games these past several years too, so I’m thinking that Choppa will be a match made in heaven for me. Look for Choppa launching for free next Thursday.

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