There’s a Chance the iOS 9.3.2 Beta Has Fixed the Game Center Bug

We’ve been posting about it for ages now, and we’ve got a massive thread going in our forums about it, but for a ton of people the Game Center bug is a serious thing that has stopped them from playing countless iOS games that rely on Game Center to function. If you’ve got no idea what all this Game Center bug stuff is all about, a while ago we posted what it looks like in action:

Well, community members of ours who are brave enough to install beta iOS system updates have reported that Game Center is once again working for them in the iOS 9.3.2 beta. Now, before getting too excited, it’s important to have a hefty dose of realism with all this: The Game Center bug is a vicious beast, and many people on our forums have thought they slayed it, only to have it return inside of a couple days. I’m cautiously optimistic, but by no means ready to strike up the band and declare the Game Center bug fixed.

If iOS 9.3.2 doesn’t actually fix it, well, we’re going to keep making noise about this problem until Apple either listens or we all just give up and switch to Android. (Hopefully the former happens before the latter.) However, as more and more people pile into the thread saying the 9.3.2 beta solved their problem, it seems like it’s safe to buy some party supplies… Just save your receipt. If you want to try out the beta, sign up here and give it a go. For everyone else. 9.3.2 proper should launch reasonably soon.