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PAX South 2016: ‘Like a Boss’ Finally Lets You be the Raid Boss Killing Heroes

Versus Evil had another mobile game to show off besides the CCG, Eternal that was sharing booth space with them; Like a Boss is an action-RPG that hopes to take the MMO and flip it on its head. You essentially play as a raid boss, fighting off waves of incoming heroes. The demo starts you off as a big bad boss, fighting until the raid takes you out, letting you sample some of the abilities you get in the game. The full game will have you choosing from a few different character classes to trounce puny heroes as, along with missions where you’ll even have to help out other bosses against those pesky adventurers. Heroes deserve nothing good.

Like a Boss is set to be free-to-play, and is actually in soft launch right now. This one has been in the works since at least 2013, and seems to finally be near completion. The idea could prove to be a fun game, and hopefully the development and soft launch lead to this game finally seeing completion. Check out the soft launch thread to chat about this one..