‘Implosion: Never Lose Hope’ Is On Sale For Its Lowest Price Yet

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Rayark’s Implosion: Never Lose Hope ($1.99) was one of our favorite games of 2015 thanks to its impressively deep and stylish gameplay. It’s a rare premium action game in a market full of smaller pick-up-and-play titles, and the lack of any IAP was certainly a plus for many players. That kind of gaming experience commanded a relatively higher price than many other mobile games, and if it was a little too high for you, I’ve got some good news for you today: Implosion is now on sale for its lowest price ever.

Normally selling for $9.99, the game has seen a few sales where it’s been half-off, but the sale price of $1.99 is by far the lowest it’s ever been. That price is an absolute steal for a game of this quality. If you enjoy third-person action games, you’ll definitely want to buy in on Implosion if you haven’t already. We loved it so much we awarded it five stars in our review, which you can check out if you want more details on the game. Implosion ended up being successful enough that Rayark even started work on a movie based on its world, which makes it approximately the first mobile-born IP I have any interest in watching a movie of.

In addition to Implosion, Rayark’s excellent musical rhythm game Deemo ($1.99) is currently on sale for half of its usual price. There are a few other interesting sales popping up, so it smells to me like Apple’s got a big sale in the works. Keep an eye on AppShopper if you want to hear about those price drops as soon as they happen, and we’ll tell you about any particularly cool deals as they come.

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