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Upcoming ‘Titan Brawl’ Takes a Stab at the Mobile MOBA Genre

Titan BrawlThe MOBA genre has had some promising moments on mobile in recent years. Mostly, we’ve either seen games like Fates Forever and Vainglory, which tried to port most PC MOBA mechanics to mobile but with a different UI, or games like Call of Champions, which tried to rethink MOBA mechanics to fit the habits of mobile gamers. The upcoming Titan Brawl by Omnidrone fits in the latter camp since it offers quick-paced PvP matches that last around 4 minutes at a time, the perfect length for those gaming on a phone.

The game is 1v1 (for now since a 2v2 mode is under consideration), with each hero protecting a Totem flanked by two turrets. The opposing “bases" are connected with two parallel lanes where you deploy your troops and clash with the enemy’s troops and hero. The game ends either when one Totem kicks the bucket or if no one manages to do that, it comes down to points. As you can see from the video above, the game offers an interesting twist on MOBA mechanics, but whether that twist will result in a fun experience remains to be seen.

I do like seeing developers experiment though, and the fact that the matches are so short should get people to check it out. I like the move towards shorter tactical experiences (as I’ve said in another story today) because we’re finally seeing developers realize how most people game on mobile phones. Titan Brawl will soft launch for Android April 18th and iOS a few weeks later, so not too long before trying it out. Curious to see how this take on the MOBA genre will end up playing.