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Upcoming Stealth Puzzler ‘Mr Future Ninja’ is Like ‘The Lost Vikings’ Meets ‘Metal Gear Solid’

mrfutureninjalogoTwo-person Finnish developer Huijaus Studios has announced their first project, an ambitious stealth puzzle game called Mr Future Ninja, and it’s looking really awesome. An evil sci-fi corporation has abducted the world’s ninjas with plans to clone them and offer them as servants to humanity in a new service called “Mr Future Ninja." As the last remaining ninjas, you and your two ninja cohorts must fight your way through the evil corporation’s skyscraper to stop the madness. Mr Future Ninja is an isometric game and it’s all about stealth. You’ll have 3 ninjas in your party to control, each with unique abilities. One can distract guards by throwing ninja stars, one can perform a dash move, and one can sneak up and take out guards from behind. You’ll take turns controlling all 3 either individually or separately in order to solve puzzles and make your way through each level. When describing Mr Future Ninja Huijaus says “Think of Lost Vikings meets Metal Gear Solid in a surreal jungle of neon lights." That’s a pretty killer elevator pitch! Check out the trailer.

As noted in the trailer, Huijaus will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Mr Future Ninja at the end of May. In order to build up some buzz for that campaign, starting today they’ll be broadcasting the development of the game live each day until the Kickstarter starts. If you’re the type who enjoys watching how video games get made, check out their live devblog page where you can watch each member of the team broadcast on Twitch. The plan is to launch Mr Future Ninja on iOS and Android sometime in October, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it as development continues.