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‘Cattch’ is an Adorable Upcoming Platformer from the Makers of ‘Darklings’ and ‘rop’

MildMania is preparing to release an aggressively cute and colorful puzzle platformer next week called Cattch, and it’s definitely one that should be on your radar. First of all it starts a cat, which always earns points in my book, but it also features a really interesting level morphing mechanic which puts the “puzzle" in this puzzle platformer. Levels are designed to be flipped, twisted, and rotated so not only will you be need to be nimble as you run and jump through a level avoiding hazards and fighting enemies, but you’ll also have to suss out how to do those things from multiple angles. You’ll see what I mean in the trailer for Cattch.

I’d gladly take Cattch if it was simply a straight-up platformer, but with the way the environments can morph and change it really takes things to a whole new level. To be honest, it kind of breaks my brain, but in a really good way. Given the quality of the stuff Mildmania has put out previously, like the excellent Darklings series or the minimalist puzzle game rop, I think there’s every reason to be excited for Cattch when it launches next Thursday, April 7th.