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Foursaken’s ‘War Tortoise’ Gets an Official Trailer, Releasing April 28th

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Foursaken Media originally began teasing their upcoming fixed-shooter-with-the-soul-of-an-idle-clicker War Tortoise back in late February, and we were able to go hands-on with the game at GDC just last week. Now Foursaken has released an official trailer for War Tortoise along with a release date of April 28th.

War Tortoise is a fixed-point shooter so you’ll be stationary as you command a bad ass tank and shoot approaching enemies using a variety of weapons. The genius behind it is in blending it with the progression system of idle clickers, which sees you upgrading and prestige’ing over and over as you grow more powerful. It’s also not too shabby to look at, either. Foursaken are pretty much experts at blending genres together, so I’m guessing War Tortoise will be a pretty big hit when it launches in late April.

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