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‘Super Hyper Ball 2’ is in Development, Because You Can’t Have Enough Pinball-‘Breakout’ Hybrids

Have you longed for pinball and Breakout to combine into one delicious hybrid game? Well, I hope you’re not specific about the number, because it’s becoming a surprisingly busy time for pinball-Breakout hybrids. After Pinball Breaker Forever was announced, Neonchimp (developers of the pretty cool Sprial Splatter (Free)) are hard at work on Super Hyper Ball 2. Neonchimp released Super Hyper Ball (Free) last year, and while it had some promise to it as a pinball-Breakout hybrid, there were apparently no flippers to be found whatsoever. That omission is being addressed in the sequel, as you see plenty of flippers lining the walls of the levels:

Beyond the brand new, more pinball-like playfield, the game will boast several new features. Story Mode is set to be improved, with new Endless and Boss modes. Balls with different physics, and upgradeable powerups are in store to be collected. If this sounds like a promising mix, then check out the forum thread for the game and consider signing up for the beta.