‘Vainglory’ Hosts NA and EU Winter Tournaments, Announces new eSports Acquisitions

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Capping off its Winter Season of gameplay (scheduled to be completed in approximately a week), the folks at Super Evil Megacorp recently hosted both its North American and European Union Vainglory (Free) seasonal tournaments. Taking place across consecutive weekends, each tournament offered fans of the mobile MOBA an opportunity to meet up, check out of the best each region has to offer, and watch some pretty cool match-ups with the developers.

The NA tournament was hosted March 11th through the 13th at the Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica, California with a prize pool of $25,000. With teams from Halcyon Hammers, Gankstars and Team SoloMid, there were a wide variety of playstyes and expectations, but high a entertainment value across the board. I had the pleasure of watching a view semi-finals matches during the final day of competition and there were some pretty intense matches including some pretty impressive base race conclusions. The grand finals culminated with Team Solomid taking on Halcyon Hammers Velocity and emerging victorious with a strong 3-0 sweep.

The EU tournament took place this last weekend at the Gfinity Arena in London and featured teams like SK Prometheus, Snow Tsunami, Rebirth of Empire and Team Secret. After three days of play, the finals culminated with Team Secret taking on Snow Tsunami and Team Secret emerging victorious as the back-to-back EU champions.

In related eSports news, in case the Team SoloMid win mentioned above seemed unusual, that’s because right before the start of the NA Championships, Super Evil Megacorp announced that TSM had acquired Vainglory squad Team Alliance as it looks to gain momentum into touchscreen eSports. Obviously the move appears to be paying off as the team has already scored one championship win.

With the seasonal championships concluded and the season coming to a close, we should be seeing a significant update to Vainglory soon as the season changes. Stick with us as we’ll certainly cover (and stream) those changes in the near future. Meanwhile, interested viewers can rematch coverage from the recent tournaments here.

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