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GDC 2016: ‘Starr Mazer DSP’ is a Manic Horizontal Shooter Spinoff of the Upcoming ‘Starr Mazer’ Proper

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Starr Mazer is an upcoming hybrid point-and-click adventure game mixed with classic scrolling shoot ’em up gameplay. It sounds like a wacky mashup, but the game looks freaking awesome, which is why it was funded with room to spare during its Kickstarter campaign last year. While that full game is in the works for Mac and PC, a spinoff prequel of sorts called Starr Mazer DSP is in the works for both desktop and mobile. The full desktop version of Starr Mazer is being developed by Imagos Softworks, while the shooty portions are being condensed down into their own mobile game, which is DSP, developed by Pixeljam. I was able to sit down with the extremely energetic and entertaining Don Thacker of Imagos to get a lengthy demo of what to expect from Starr Mazer DSP.

As you can see from the demo, Starr Mazer DSP is a freakishly deep game already, and it’s still actually pretty early in development. You can expect more ships to choose from, more enemies, more weapons, more kick ass music, more pixels… just more of everything when the full game ships sometime in mid-to-late summer. In the meantime, definitely check out the Kickstarter page or the official website for lots and LOTS of information on Starr Mazer proper because that game looks amazing as well.

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