Nimian Legends : BrightRidge Free

Robert Kabwe
LOSE YOURSELF IN A VAST OPEN-WORLD FANTASY WILDERNESS Also check out BrightRidge HD for upgraded visuals, quests, new sh…
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LOSE YOURSELF IN A VAST OPEN-WORLD FANTASY WILDERNESS Also check out BrightRidge HD for upgraded visuals, quests, new shapechanging, wildlife, time of day, locations and more: BrightRidge is a game from my heart. I enjoyed creating this world and I hope you enjoy exploring it:) ***IMPORTANT*** BrightRidge will NOT work on iPad 2, iPad 1, iPad Mini 1, iPhone 4S or earlier, and iPod Touch 5 or earlier Works on iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPod Touch 6, iPad 4 iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3. · "Vast, beautiful, and a joy to explore ... BrightRidge‘s open world is certainly worth a wander." - 148Apps · "There’s a whole world waiting to explore in BrightRidge and I think it’s worth checking out." - Touch Arcade WHAT'S NEW IN UPDATE 1.5.1? - Improved texture and detail for iPod Touch 6 WHAT'S NEW IN UPDATE 1.5? - Fixed blue flicker appearing on some Pine tree textures WHAT'S NEW IN UPDATE 1.2.1? - First Person View - Photo Mode - compose and save screenshots with the new freecam - Bug Fixes, GUI fixes and optimization - Feet now splash in rivers WHAT'S NEW IN UPDATE 1.2? - Jumping - Custom camera, quality and environment Options - Dynamic Weather and Atmopsheric Scattering - New Shapechanging forms - Light Ability and Skadad creatures Experience total freedom as you run, swim, jump and even fly anywhere in a large 3d world, unlocking new abilities and learning the legends and lore of BrightRidge. Explore a world where violence is optional and exploration is the key. No endless grinding. No In-App Purchases. Just exploratory fun and a relaxing walking simulator. Discover BrightRidge explore its beautiful forests, raging rivers and mountain peaks. DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE FANTASY WILDERNESS - Explore an open world. Go anywhere anytime from the start. - Wilderness “sandbox” exploration - Unlock new powers through interaction with the environment - The world is a colossus - more than 9km square to explore - a relaxing Walking simulator - Walk, run, swim , teleport and fly through gorgeous natural landscapes INTERACT WITH THE NATURAL ECOSYSTEM FILLED WITH WILDLIFE - Hunt Foxes, bears, deer and more or use SpiritView to watch them in their habitat - Uncover the rich history of BrightRidge by interacting with citizens and landmarks - Experience total freedom with Non-linear exploration based gameplay EXPERIENCE RICHLY DETAILED NATURAL BEAUTY AND STUNNING VISTAS - Immerse yourself with Complete weather effects like rain, fog, wind and snow, light and shadow - Relax in beautiful natural scenery - mountains, forests and valleys, hillsides and rivers - Change perspective and Fly through the skies in the eagle simulator It’s a beautiful open world wilderness in the palm of your hand. Feeling panic attacks and stress? Relax in your own virtual wilderness. Can you discover all the secrets BrightRidge has to offer? TRAILER Watch the trailer at FOLLOW US Follow @protopop on Twitter and on Facebook for news and updates FORUM ABOUT PROTOPOP Robert Kabwe is a solo indie dev creating nature-based worlds and games to explore. Nimian Legends is an original fantasy world and the setting for BrightRidge. See the interactive map at MORE GAMES Plum Nut, a free rhythm platformer set to the music of the Nutcrackers Sugar Plum Fairy Zymbols: A free puzzle matcher with a twist ...AND A PERSONAL THANK YOU I'd like to thank everyone who took time to leave a review. Positive or negative each one helps me understand how the game works in the real world, and I appreciate it:)
Seller:Robert Kabwe
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jul 17, 2014
Updated:Apr 06, 2016
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