If You’re in San Francisco, come to the TouchArcade GDC Sticker Swap Party Tonight!

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sfodt_phototour45We’ve been doing the same thing for years now, and we keep doing it because it’s awesome. If you’re in town for GDC or just live in SF, please come hang out with us as we slowly take over Bin 55 at 7:00 PM until around 11:00ish when they start doing last call. It’s the hotel bar inside of the Marriott Marquis, which is on 55 4th St. Our parties are always awesome for a number of reasons: First off, the Marriott lobby has tons of room, so you’re not packed into some tiny dingy basement bar with poor lighting and loud music. You can actually talk to people! We don’t do any kind of invite list, drink tickets, or open bar, so everyone is welcome and by not offering free booze we never have any of the typical GDC party surfers who don’t even know what the event is for beyond the fact that there’s free beer. Everyone at the TouchArcade Party is there because they love iOS gaming and want to hang out with other iOS gamers and developers. Hell, even if you don’t even order a drink, you’re still welcome to chill out.

Come one, come all, even if you don’t have stickers to swap, come and collect some stickers from your favorite games and grab a beer with some cool people.

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