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GDC 2016: ‘One More Jump’ from SMG Studio is Like ‘Geometry Dash’ with Shifting Gravity

Following their release of Thumb Drift (Free) just about a month ago, SMG Studio is getting back to their “One More" series of twitch games which so far include One More Line (Free) and One More Dash (Free). The latest is called One More Jump, and interestingly it’s not developed in-house by SMG but instead by Premo Games with SMG doing the publishing, making it their first published title. One More Jump is a single-tap auto-running precision platformer in a similar vein as Geometry Dash ($1.99), but with a constantly changing gravity mechanic which throws an evil wrench into the already masochistic genre.

Given how terrible I am at Geometry Dash, I’m not holding out much hope to be very good at One More Jump. However, I absolutely love all the different mechanics in play in the game, especially in some of those later levels. One More Jump is shooting for release in May, and if you remember back at GDC last year when we checked out another “One More" game called One More Bounce, that one is still in the works as well and should be arriving at around the same time as One More Jump.