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Dual-Stick Dungeon Crawler ‘Paper Wizard’ Launching on Monday

We’ve been following along with the development of Paper Wizard since we first caught wind of it in early February, and last night developer Ideatory announced in our forums that the game will be arriving this Monday, March 14th. Paper Wizard is a dual-stick shooter where you’re crawling around dungeons taking out enemies as one of three different classes: Fire, Ice, and Lightning. The whole thing is done up in a papercraft style, and since that initial video from early February Ideatory has added additional effects to the game, so the paper enemies burn up with the fire attacks, or freeze and crumble with the ice attacks. Check out the most recent trailer.

Ideatory has stated that Paper Wizard was inspired by Solomon’s Keep (Free) and Diablo, and if it can capture even a fraction of the fun from either of those games I think we’ll be in for a treat. The action looks incredibly intense in the trailer above with so many enemies on screen at once. Ideatory already has the game’s first update in the works too, which should add new monster types, a new class, and new environments. I’m excited for this one, and if you are too keep your eye right here for Paper Wizard’s launch this coming Monday.