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No Code’s ‘Super Arc Light’ Looks Like a Sweet, Trippy Radial Shooter

No Code has a pretty rad-looking shooter in the works called Super Arc Light, and they’ve just revealed the first trailer for the game. The game has you moving along the outside of a circle in the center of an arena, blasting enemies and trying not just to stay alive, but to protect your circular base as well. It’s got a minimalist style to it but it looks like it’s really well-made in action:

Super Arc Light is near completion, and should release this month. What I’m interested about is that the controls are supposedly one-button, which I’m interested to see what that actually means for how you control the game. Also, what will the various weapons do in this game? Regardless, this looks like it’s right up my alley. We should be going hands on with it at GDC next week, so we’ll hopefully have more to see and say about this soon.