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‘Battle Bay’ is a Boat Battling PVP Online Multiplayer Game from Rovio

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Expect to see more and more online multiplayer games on mobile this year. It’s always been a thing that companies have wanted to crack, since there is an interest. But up until Clash Royale (Free), it didn’t feel like anyone got the live PVP multiplayer thing quite figured out. Well, more games are trying to go for that cash, and Rovio’s not excluded, as they’ve just soft launched Battle Bay in several countries including Canada.

The game has you taking to the high seas in a cannon-equipped boat, taking part in 5-on-5 battles against other boat battlers. You get one life, but can take multiple hits on your boat. Last team standing wins, though there appear to be objectives that can be captured as well. You can get different powerups and weapons to help you out in battle, but the cannon reloading pace and free-to-play elements could either make this a unique experience and profitable for Rovio, or wind up turning people off from the experience. We’ll see how this works for the game as it goes through its soft launch phase. If you want to download the game for yourself, check out our guide on how to download soft launch games.

Canadian App Store Link: Battle Bay, Free

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