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‘Drop Flip’ is Stylish Physics Puzzles from the Developer of ‘Harmony’

BorderLeap, makers of the Harmony ($0.99) series of games, are launching a new puzzler soon on the App Store, called Drop Flip. If you’ve played Trick Shot ($1.99), the concept of getting a ball into the bucket should be familiar. But the execution is different here, as instead of setting the ball’s launch angle, you have to manipulare objects around in the level to get it in the bucket. You can move some things around in a limited amount of space, or even rotate some objects, but all you can do to the ball is drop it, and hope it goes in.

The game is pretty fun and stylish as you would expect anything by BorderLeap to be. My only real criticism with the game after playing it is that it’d be nice if you had a perfect clear without hitting the bucket like Magic Shot has, for replayability. Still, it’ll prove to be fun for fans of physics puzzlers. It’ll launch sometime in March as a paid game without IAP. Check out the forum thread for more and to chat with BorderLeap about the game.