The ‘Order & Chaos’ “test box” Hacking Drama Concludes With… Nothing Really Happening

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Earlier this week we posted about the Order & Chaos (Free) “test box" situation, where players of the game somehow got access to the toolkit used by game masters to do all sorts of things in game ranging from creating items and gold to… Creating even more test boxes to give other players. As mentioned in our previous story, the state of the game lately has been absolutely insane and we wondered what the fallout of all this was going to be once Gameloft finally got things under control.

The history of MMORPG gaming has been filled with players figuring out (or in this case, gaining access to) exploits like these, and typically it is met with harsh retribution with everyone even vaguely involved getting banned and as many things as possible getting rolled back or deleted that had anything to do with the exploit. This, of course, is all dependent on the game keeping logs to make this possible, or (I guess?) game masters wanting to go to the trouble of dealing with it.

The conclusion of this particular Order & Chaos drama was surprisingly uneventful: Initially, players were getting banned, but it since would appear that Gameloft has removed most of the bans they doled out. Better (or worse?) yet, based on previous precedence with item duping bugs and similar, players don’t really expect Gameloft to do anything when it comes to cleaning up all the items and gold that were created in this test box fiasco.

Gameloft customer care agents have been telling legit players that they don’t have any plans to offer compensation for not abusing the test box, which all sort of rolls together to send the message of, “You might as well just cheat like crazy in Order & Chaos, as you won’t get banned and we won’t take your items away." The more conspiratorial O&C players out there believe this scorched Earth approach Gameloft is taking is to drive players to Order & Chaos 2 (Free) instead of the ruined original, but, eh, that seems a little far fetched. (Or does it?)

I feel like there’s a far better chance that Gameloft just can’t do anything to track down anything to do with the test box beyond players who just happened to have one in their inventory. Remember, this game is seven years old, and probably just wasn’t built with ultra-verbose logging of player activity enabled. Regardless, it’s just a little surprising that this whole thing ended with so little fanfare.

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