Sliding Shakes Is Pretty Difficult in Real Life, as Shown by the New ‘Slide the Shakes’ Trailer

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The latest game by Australia-based Prettygreat, is, well, pretty great. Slide the Shakes (Free) is another free iPhone game which takes an incredible simple concept and executes on it flawlessly. Using a slingshot mechanic of sorts, all you do is slide shakes across a variety of crazy shaped counters hoping to end up in the green area. The game seems to be universally loved by most people in our forums, but it turns out sliding shakes in real life is significantly more difficult than the game would lead you to believe. Check out the new trailer:

I always really like these game trailers that do the whole “Hey here’s this crazy game in real life" thing. Another great example is the Temple Run demon monkey series of videos that Imangi has been releasing. Either way, while I suppose it is not advisable to slide shakes in real life, doing it in a video game is actually a lot of fun.

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