New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Live in NA, and it’s All About Charge and Taunt

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Another Wednesday, another Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl, and this one is a new one. Clash of Minions has you building your own deck, and then you lead your minions to battle against the opponent. Every minion you play from your hand gets Charge and Taunt, which is an interesting idea since the taunt minions should stop the opponent’s charge minions and the other way around. You might be tempted to just go with a bunch of strong minions, but there are certain cards that will make for a better deck. Windfury is, of course, the best in this Brawl since you can take out a taunt minion and then attack face. Cards like Dust Devil, Whirling Zap-o-matic, Raging Worgen (since you can Enrage with the charge), and Windfury Harpy can do quite the damage in this Brawl. At the same time, expect the opponent to be hurling Windfury minions your way, so some divine shield minions would be handy.

Also, cards like Bolster can help, well, bolster your taunt minions, and a few minions with silence can help take down the taunt walls if you can’t use your minions to do that. Just remember, only minions played from your hand get charge and taunt, so any minion that is summoned in any other way (deathrattle, battlecries, etc), won’t get that benefit. At the same time, charging a deathrattle minion into a big taunt is a sure way to trigger that deathrattle at the moment of choice. Any other good ideas for a deck? The Brawl is live in NA, so go get your free pack.

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