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Get Smitten with Joshua Barr’s ‘I Love My Circle’

Developer Joshua Burr has revealed I Love My Circle, an arena survival game that releases next week on Tuesday, March 1st, for iOS and Android. The game has you playing as a dot in a circle, that’s quite happy in that circle. It doesn’t really feel like leaving. However, deadly translucent rectangles are here to ruin your day and get you out of your beloved circle by just delivering a nonstop onslaught. So, you have to constantly move about, avoiding the rectangles and trying not to get knocked out of your circle. If you get knocked out, you’re good for a couple seconds, but you need to get back in. Thankfully, your dash move will help you with that.

While I Love My Circle has self-admitted programmer art, the controls are very smooth and good to use. You touch and drag anywhere to move your dot, swiping to use your dash. It’s pretty clever. There’s some extra modes to unlock as you do better at the game, so good luck with that. Paid game fans will likely be happy to hear that you have to buy this one for $1.99, instead of the typical free-with-ads model similar games use.