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Sliding Appears to Be a Theme with Prettygreat, New Game ‘Slide the Shakes’ Coming this Thursday

If there’s one thing I’m certain of about the folks over at Prettygreat, it’s that they love sliding things! This all started with them sliding land in our 2015 Game of the Year Land Sliders (Free), and the sliding continues this Thursday with the release of their second game called Slide the Shakes. Like Land Sliders, Slide the Shakes takes a simple concept and builds a game around it. In this case, the simple but satisfying act of sliding a drink down a bar towards a customer. You’ll pull back on your drink to set the power and let it rip, hopefully arriving safely in the green target zone. Here is the debut trailer for Slide the Shakes.

As you can see, not all countertops are created equal, with plenty of inclines and declines to deal with as well as some outside interference from weird surfaces like ice and sticky. It kind of reminds me of a hybrid between Desert Golfing ($1.99) and shuffleboard. Of course there will also be plenty of different drinks to unlock, with every fifth level unlocking a new one in your Shakeopedia. As Prettygreat themselves note, simplicity is their strong suit, and Slide the Shakes looks like a simple but fun concept wrapped up in all sorts of whimsy. Look for Slide the Shakes to hit this Thursday for free.